Welcome to Redbrook Chickens Shropshire. Situated on the A525 between Whitchurch  and Wrexham . We offer you a range of  hybrid Hens for sale and advice in selecting birds to suit you. We also offer advice on looking after your Chickens such as housing , feeding, and health issues. If your thinking of point of lay chickens please give us a call to check availability and don't forget our hybrid blue egg layers. We also have a small selection of rabbits for sale suitable for pets.

  Welcome to Redbrook Chickens, as a family we have been involved with breeding birds and chickens  as far back as the mid sixties. I have always been fascinated in how a hen can produce an egg, and then sit on those eggs for several days to produce beautiful chicks.

                                                       Day old chick. 


Then watch those chicks grow at amazing speed to full grown  adult chickens.To go to the next stage and watch those birds develop their plumage, such an array of colours very much likes watching oil paintings on legs. Some of the cock birds can be as striking as any bird of paradise and with personalities to match any human.

Keeping chickens is fun and rewarding. The rewards are great tasting eggs, which when you see the number of eggs a chicken can produce is covers its cost. Fun is watching the antics of your poultry as they search around your garden cleaning up all the bugs, slugs and insects. And don't forget chickens are no different to any other animal if you spend time with them they will be just as interested in you as you with them The best time to buy a chicken is at "Point of Lay"


        All our chickens are at Point of Lay ready for you to get the best out of your new pet.




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